Glittering sea, flowing waves——Dreams of HainanReflections on the Film “Son-in-law of Hainan-A British Mr.Right”Recently, a romantic comedy film” Son-in-law of Hainan- Britisher ” with China’s Hainan and British London as the background of the story was announced in London into the preparatory stage and deep operation. The film, planned by Mr.Richard Yang, acultural ambassador who has lived in the UK for 25 years, backed by Ms.DianaYao, an investor of the film and television group, produced by Mr.David Zheng, who is also the screenwriter and director of the film, issued by Mr. Garry Li, a veteran media producer of Hainan TV and supervised by art coordinator Mr.Bryan P.Hughes, takes place in China’s famous free trade zone: Hainan Province as well as the British capital–London. The story, through the historical retrospect, the current care and future prospects, incisively and vividly eulogizes the profound “Root Kinship” consciousness and broad patriotic feelings of the Chinese nation’s descendants while also addressing social compounds created through cultural differences and ultimately understanding. “Son-in-law of Hainan-A Britisher ” will also be a companion to “Peking Man in London”, another film created by YangBoqing (Mr.Richard Yang), whose theme is Chinese living in London and striving for entrepreneurship. Although the two films have different perspectives, they vividly reproduce and reveal the real situation of contemporary Chinese and British overseas life and the spiritual essence of self-improvement.In China’s vast Nanhai Sea, there is a beautiful tropical island: Hainan Island. At first, Li, Miao, Hui and Han nationalities used it as their residence for generations. Later, more than 30nationalities joined in succession. Located in the south of China, it not only has beautiful scenery but also has a natural original ecological landscape, as well as its rich culture and long history. Throughout the cultural history of Hainan, it has been a rich tropical island, which has gradually grown by the blending of indigenous peoples and foreign cultures. In the long historical years, foreign civilization has never been interrupted in the integration with native culture, and this has greatly enhanced the development of local culture, thus greatly enriching and creating a unique style of Hainan culture with its own strong ‘regional’ nature. For thousands of years, the quaint and unique national customs make the social outlook of Hainan Island appear richer and more colourful, among which the living customs of the Li nationality and the Miao nationality are the most distinctive. Hainan’s national customs are not only rustic, simple, optimistic and friendly but also open, tough and industrious, for a long time, it has been known for its unique culture throughout China.Hainan Island covers an area of about 354,000 square kilometres. It has a unique tropical monsoon climate, and its forest coverage is over 50%. Sunshine, seawater, beach, air and fertile soil nurture more than 9 million people such as Han, Li, Miao and Hui, and they create a unique culture with Hainan regional characteristics. As early as 1840, during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, the Qing government established the Canton Customs on Hainan Island, and Haikou was one of the seven general custom points established under the Canton Customs. At that time, Haikou had become one of the famous customs in the South Sea. In the 20th century, in April 1988, Hainan Province of China was formally established. In January 2010, the “State Council’s Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Hainan International Tourism Island” began to be implemented, and Hainan has officially entered the orbit of international tourism island. As a result of the new policies issued by the central government and the gathering of the elites of the whole country, Hainan has been built into a modern city in just30 years. The construction of Hainan, the enjoyment of sunshine and seawater has clearly become the symbol of a new era in Hainan.During the 30 years of Chinas reform and opening up, Hainan has been able to make a great leap forward in its development. A large number of immigrants poured into Hainan, most of whom came to shelter from winter – their cold hometown, so they moved to warm southern places to seek happiness. It can be said that the warm sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery of Hainan’s winter make them delighted and forget to return.“Migratory birds”—-have become synonymous with vacations and retirement in Hainan. In winter, they come to Hainan to enjoy the warmth, and in summer, they return to the mainland to live. The influx and evacuation of such a large number of people do not leave any benefits for Hainan’s local economic development. 30 years have passed, and Hainan is still far on its way to developing into an area of economic prosperity and culture. With the passage of time, Hainan has become a passer-by for outsiders to escape the cold winter. For the winter of Hainan, on the beaches, in the streets and shops, outsiders are everywhere. They live in Hainan, so to speak, they are really short-term consumers, food, clothing, consumption – they spend a lot of money, and short-term consumption is difficult to form a pull force for the service industry chain in Hainan. When the spring is over and a large number of Hainan’s “migratory birds” return to the mainland to carry out their business, invest and make money, and look forward to returning to Hainan next year to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Frankly speaking, these communities are almost deserted for three-quarters of the time after the winter.In spring, summer and autumn in Hainan, a large number of houses are empty. When night falls, there are ghostly cities everywhere, only the street lights are on. For Hainan, with a tropical monsoon climate, it seems that people are blown around like the storm. Hainan is a rootless city for home-buyers in other provinces. Apart from houses, they have no business activities and industrial accumulation in Hainan, which makesHainan lack of cultural contribution and it has not got the real connotation of economic development.An economically developed area is the product of economic and cultural accumulation over the past several hundred years. For example, there are mines, beaches and markets. People work and communicate in this space. Then there is the sale of goods, housing and trade, which is also the prototype of the city. And it needs to provide jobs to make people live, work in peace and contentment. Obviously, a migratory city does not have the system of these cities and cannot provide stable employment opportunities, of course, like this; people will not live in peace. Without the accumulation of wealth and culture, the city has become an empty nest of”migratory birds” without economy and culture for inheritance.Since Hainan was officially founded 30years ago, a typical consumption-oriented area has been formed. Consumption air, oceans and the environment, but no one wants to settle down,”migratory birds” are floating around indefinitely, because they do not know whether there will be a typhoon in Hainan, whether the wet weather will have an impact on the constitution of the people who come from the mainland, whether they can meet with their old neighbours and recall the past. Of course, standing in the sunshine of Hainan, the most relaxing thing for them is to enjoy the delicious food of their hometown and tell the stories and rumours of their hometown. Besides, what else can they do when they become temporary passers-by?Throughout Hainan, the buildings built by developers at the fastest speed are all identical, and they completely repeat the architectural style of the mainland. They are all high-rise buildings, twenty-storey houses and they have greatly blocked the beautiful scenery. The coconut forests have been cut down and replaced by villas. But the characteristically box-like villas only bring about land possession and tens of millions of wealth on the ground. From south to north, none of them has the characteristics of Hainan city. If we don’t go to Hainan old street, we can appreciate the old houses of carved beams and ancient towns of arcades sinceMing and Qing Dynasties, and we don’t look at the beautiful mangroves, Hainan is no different from other coastal cities. Are these what we need? Do we want to leave it as a photocopy of the mainland for our next generations?Paris is a tourist city, whose secondary and tertiary industries are quite developed. In addition, the high-end manufacturing industry in Paris is also developed, such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, and its secondary industry accounts for nearly 70%of Paris’s output value. Tourism is a highly related industry. It can not only promote the development of other industries but also effectively promote the development of construction engineering and related industries, air transport industry, light industry, commerce, arts and crafts, agricultural sideline industries; to say a few. If from Roman times until the 17th century, there were no world-famous shopping streets, numerous buildings with the characteristics of the times and more than 300 large shopping malls on OxfordStreet in England, what did you enjoy seeing when you went shopping in London? What do you buy? A shopping street can provide job opportunities for thousands of people in the area, so as to provide visitors with value for shopping enjoyment. There are countless examples in history to prove that the economic development of a distinctive city or region requires an industrial chain, as well as the internal driving force of the intertwined interaction of economic activities, developed economy, industry, quality of service and cultural accumulation. Only in this way can we provide many job opportunities for the development and construction of Hainan, whether it is senior talents, orordinary labourers, and the jobs in Hainan can get their own way; only then can people live in Hainan, form the local cultural heritage and form the post-force of the accumulation and development of local wealth. In a way, tourism can help save the traditional culture.On April 13, 2018, Chinese President XiJinping solemnly announced the establishment of Hainan free trade port at the30 anniversary conference to celebrate the establishment of the province and the establishment of special economic zones in Hainan. Since then, Hainan’shistory has gone into a new chapter, a service trade as the leading curtain is slowly pulling open, the construction of the big pattern has been very clear: tourism as the main service trade free island, the flow of tourists as the main free trade area, and free trade zone that promotes the flow of goods, capital flow and information flow by people. It can be said that this will be a historic leap in Hainan. The tourism industry can flourish because of the favourable weather and geographical conditions. Tourism drives people flow, people flow promotes service, service drives trade and trade drives economy.”Making efforts to build a comprehensive deepening of reform and opening-up pilot zone, a national ecological civilization pilot area, an international tourism consumption center and a national major strategic service guarantee area” is not only the sublimation of Hainan’s goal of”International tourism island”, but also the entry point for Hainan’sfree trade port in its development, so as to speed up the completion of a series of innovative measures in ideas and systems.With the trend of establishing HainanFree Trade Zone, we are more willing to see a Hainan with Hainan’scharacteristics, it not only has the blue sea and sky but also has the thecultural heritage of Hainan’s local characteristics. For example, Hainan local diet, Hainan’s drama, Hainan’s unique buildings, Hainan’s local classified employment opportunities, Hainan’s standard and enthusiastic service, these are the needs of a tourist city.For this reason, our film “Son-in-law of Hainan-A Britisher ” about loving beautiful Hainan will focus on the charm of Hainan Island’s national culture and the future of its development by bringing the traveller on a comedic and romantic journey through the city with a local who knows it well.From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, manyHainan people went to Nanhai Sea. Some of them had to do so because of political corruption or business bankruptcy. But more people were forced by poverty and suffering. With the passage of time, in the 21st century, nearly millions of Hainan descendants have taken root and developed overseas, but the homesickness handed down by their ancestors is still flowing in the blood, and the feelings of missing relatives and home have always been lingering in their minds. Here, in London, we are advocating to Hainan people living in other countries all over the world: “Back to our motherland, Back to our homeland”. Nowadays, there are no scenes of grandparents’ life in China: political darkness, social chaos, pestilential atmosphere, poor living conditions, hunger and poverty; Today, it is a thriving and vibrant land, and at the same time, it is the home of your ancestors. Here, there are the cultures of your ancestors, the struggles of your generations, and the country voice that you can’t forget for a long while. Please take time to go home and have a look affectionately.The film “Son-in-law of Hainan-British Mr.Right” will have two versions of Mandarin and English, which will highlight Hainan’s local characteristics and charm, and it will interpret a new and energetic Hainan. We will choose the most distinctive characters of Hainan nationality to appear in our film, together with a famous British actor to deduce Hainan life through comedy with the blue sea and blue sky as a backdrop. To focus on an enjoyable story of a man out of place while falling in love with a new culture yet facing difficulties of its differences from his own.If your parents are from Hainan, no matter what generation you are, what colour of skin or eyes you have, please bring your dream to join our team, and you will experience a different life. You will see the desire left by your parents come true in you, and you will experience the different life that new Hainan will give you. Get close to your roots, miss your ancestors, go home, go back to Hainan. Because, as a descendant of the Hainan people, you may find a piece of home you didn’t know you’d lost.As chairman of 21st Century AJ  Film (H.N.)Ltd., Ms Diana Yao said: “We are willing to cooperate sincerely with all like-minded people at home and abroad to make this film perfect for the greatest contribution to speed up the construction of a beautiful Hainan free trade port”.

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